Vibration and acoustic labs acquisition systems.    

      PC/Analysis PC/Analysis screen
      Real-time acquisition and processing of
      vibration and acoustic tests, 8 to 128 channels
PC/Permarec screen    
      Permanent recorder of exciter activity
    24/24, 7/7, 8 to 16 channels
PC/Store screen  
      Large capacity digital recorder
      with an automated shock detection
PC/Test-AS screen    
      Software tools for FE/test result comparison
      notching prediction
PC/Test-MM screen    
      Signal processing and mechanical 

environment synthesis


TERALOG, Buroparc Bât E, 18 rue Jacques Réattu, 13009 Marseille (France), (33) 4 91 73 78 90


TERALOG, founded in 1995 offers real-time acquisition and processing PC-based systems for vibration and acoustic laboratory testing. The application software is intended for intensive use with an important amount of data to be processed. Nearly all results are obtained in real-time or available immediately after the end of the run. All raw data are also recorded and can be immediately displayed, post-processed and archived.

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