Vibration and acoustic labs acquisition systems.      


Vibration Test Environment Permanent Recorder

Screen of PermaRec system recorder PC/PermaRec is a permanent recording and signal analysis system aimed at vibration test laboratories. It can be used as multi-channel digital recorder with a full post-processing capacity, running 24 hours a day, 7 days/7.  The  software capacity can be adapted to real needs, with 8 to 16 acquisition channels and more than 15 days of raw data storage organized in circular scheme (the oldest data are replaced by the newest).  The  usable bandwidth of the system is 10 kHz for 16 channels (acquisition at 20 000  s/s) or 15 kHz for 8 channels (acquisition at 30 000  s/s).
PC/PermaRec  is equipped by powerful tools allowing a fast  search and display of events on the recorded signal, this search being performed either by the date or by a change of state  (shutdown, shocks...) related to the test in progress.  Detected events can be described in a report indicating the event circumstances (date/hour, achieved extremes, sensor and equipment data, comments) and a time series plot.  Most frequently used searching methods include the extreme search (positive, negative, absolute min/max) and that of a sudden shutdown  (emergency, power failure).  If necessary, other specific  searching algorithms can be added to the software.  
  PC/PermaRec  has a capacity to configure the  acquisition front-end (anti-aliasing cut-off frequency, AC/DC coupling, IES power supply ...) and can be quickly calibrated at any moment with a good level of traceability by using an external  signal source.  A watchdog supervises the operation of the system and closes a relay in the event of  the system's unavailability.
PC/PermaRec  performs a real-time data processing and most results are immediately available during the acquisition.  All acquired data are systematically recorded on one of the hard disks of  the system.  The recorded data can be displayed and re-processed without stopping the acquisition in  progress.  The currently available algorithms of processing are  the power spectral density and the shock response spectrum.  
  PC/PermaRec  are built on PC-compatible platforms, with analog-to-digital conversion boards manufactured by National Instruments (24-bit resolution with 16 currently  used) and Windows 2000 or Windows XP.  The  required processor is Pentium IV clocked at 2 GHz at least.
PC/PermaRec  allows screen/paper display of the raw and processed data (spectral densities and shock spectra)  and is compatible with any printer directly connected to the PC or on the network.