Vibration and acoustic labs acquisition systems.      


Large Capacity Digital Recording/Processing System

... redundant raw data storage with real-time transient detection : perfect for pyroshocks


PC/Store is a large capacity continuous recording system with real-time shock detection and post-processing capabilities. PC/Store is perfect for vibration test labs performing pyroshocks where integrity of large contiguous raw data together with an easy detection of short transients are required. The capacity of the software is scalable, up to 32 acquisition channels and 4 hours of raw data storage. The maximum usable bandwidth is 45 kHz (102 kHz  acquisition rate). The same hardware can alternatively run PC/Store and PC/Analysis

PC/Store has powerful real-time and post-processing searching tools for transient detection in the acquired signal. This detection is based on a single- or combined level-crossing. If necessary, other specific  searching algorithms can be added to the software. The raw data integrity is secured using a mirror recording.  
  PC/Store has a capacity to configure the  acquisition front-end (anti-aliasing cut-off frequency, AC/DC coupling, IES power supply ...) and can be calibrated with a good level of traceability using an external  signal source.
PC/Store  performs a real-time data processing and most results are immediately available during the acquisition.  All acquired data are systematically recorded on the hard disks of  the system. The recorded data can be displayed and post-processed if required. The currently available algorithms of post-processing are  the power spectral density and the shock response spectrum.  
  PC/Store  run on PC-compatible platforms, with National Instruments analog-to-digital conversion boards (24-bit resolution with 16 bits currently used) and Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system.  The  required processor is Pentium IV clocked at 2 GHz at least.
PC/Store allows screen/paper display of the raw and processed data (spectral densities and shock spectra, stripchart diagram)  and is compatible with any printer directly connected to the PC or on the network.