Vibration and acoustic labs acquisition systems.      

PC/Test-AS (AeroSpace mechanical Testing analysis) is an off-line processing package designed to fulfill the special needs of environment laboratories in performing a vibration testing of a spacecraft at maximum safety level. This software has 4 independent modules : SineTest for harmonic response and sine test analysis, NoiseTest for fast acoustic test analysis, Shock'In for processing of the impact tests and Notching for strategy prediction of the sine excitation
The NoiseTest tool is aimed at the exploitation of the acoustic test results. Based on the same analysis engine as SineTest or Shock' In, NoiseTest makes the evaluation and reporting for an acoustic test easy.
Equipped with a efficient interface to input specifications associated with each measurement, it  allows to analyse quickly responses with respect to the specification and to forecast dynamic behaviour at another excitation level.


GRAPHICS  The graphic interface makes it  possible to perform an easy  reporting concerning the test.

Main characteristics: 

  • Windows Me, NT4, W2000 Pro, Windows Xp compatible

  • Numbers of simultaneous files:  256

  • Number of curves per file:  unlimited

  • Number of points per curve:  unlimited

The figure below is an example of the available NoiseTest graphic interface :

  • Damping, G rms, maths on/between curves

  • Automatic over/subsampling

  • Comparison with specifications, differences


Compatible files:  Nastran, Excel, UFF (T58 LMS, Digital, Spectral, Dynaworks...), results of the coupled analyses for most launching operators.