Vibration and acoustic labs acquisition systems.      


Principal US references

Northrop Grumman (TRW) Space 9 PC/Analysis systems, 432 measurement channels
Hutchinson 1 PC/Analysis system
Lockheed Martin Space 1 PC/Analysis system, 32 channels

Principal references France

MBDA (EADS/Matra Missiles) 10 PC/Analysis systems, total of 320 measurement channels
  1 system of permanent recording PC/PermaRec
  multiple PC/Test-MM (Missile Mechanical env. analysis)
  1 PC/Store system, 32 channels Alcatel Space
ALCATEL Space 1 PC/Analysis system, 64 measurement channels Alcatel Space
Daher L'Hotellier Industries 1 PC/Analysis system
RENAULT 1 multi-axis simulation/control system
EDF 7 seismic monitoring systems